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Third party inspection services

Not only to ensure each verified magnetic specification, but also to ensure a long-term reliable working performance, sometimes even an unchanged combination of the material substances shall be regulated for the manufacturer. Once the client has verified and validated all the specifications of one type of magnet, it may not be allowed to change any specification without notice. Therefore, a complete test and inspection solution is the only guarantee of long-term homogeneous quality.

Magnet Maxwell’s services are true professional provider of inspection, verification and testing for magnetic material market. The core values of complete independence, transparency and integrity guide us in our mission to deliver first-class services to customers around the world.

Magnet Maxwell offers a wide range of services covering all aspects of inspection of magnetic materials. Our services include:

✔    Grain size distribution analysis

✔    Magnet micro structure observation

✔    Full chemical analysis of the delivered magnets

✔    Oxygen, carbon and nitrogen contents analysis

✔    Hysteresisgraph inspection at different temperature

✔    Surface flux density inspection

✔    Surface flux density distribution check

✔    Flux test

✔    Coating thickness test

✔    Salty spray test

✔    Pressure cooker test (PCT)

✔    Thermal and humidity test

✔    Tension force test on coating surface

✔    HAST test on magnet substrate

✔    Dimension inspection

✔    Angle measurement of anisotropic axis and geometric axis

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